Sonobe Light

Sonobe Light offers handmade paper lamps to the customer who needs unique design for a unique home.

The beautiful light from the lamps are both warm and indirect thanks to the soft paper. Each lamp is folded all by hand from several pieces of strong 3-layered special produced paper.

The inspiration for the lamps has roots in the 1960’s origami – an old and traditional Japanese craft in a both timeless and modern design.The Sonobe Light collection is 100% crafted by hand and designed in Denmark by Charlotte Brandt.

Sonobe Light is known and recommended by its aesthetics and great craftmanship. 

As we say… it’s all about light, love and paper

“We are far more affectable by light than most of us think of. I seek in my installations to catch the feeling of ease and the energy in the light. It’s a matter of patience and a sensitive balance between the fragile translucence and the strength it takes from paper and construction.” 


Charlotte Brandt, paper light designer

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At the moment our webshop offers direct sale in the DK only.

If you are interested or wish to buy our products, you are welcome to make a request. Please write your message here and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

We will try to find shipping as affordable as possible both within the EU and others countries. You can pay by PayPal or via bank transfer. 

Thank you, I look foreward to hear from you


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