”We are far more affected by light than most of us realise. Light affects us much more than we imagine. I seek in my installations to catch the feeling of ease and the energy in the light. It’s a matter of patience and a sensitive balance between the fragile translucence and the strength it takes from paper and construction”

– Charlotte Brandt, paper light designer

Who are we?

When we say we are a family business, we mean it! Our team compromises 5 and 6 when Grandmother joins us. The shop and the workshop from where the lamps are folded and assembled is located on Vesterbrogade, CPH and opened in January 2020. Whether you are 8, 20 or 70 years old you can contribute, and we love having all the workforce in a tight circle around us.
At Sonobe Light we try to be efficient and still retaining a work of an Therefore, we are constantly working in one way or another to improve both light and design with folds from the most beautiful custom-made paper.

A different student job

The help we get from the young people is really appreciated and we take great pride in creating meaningful leisure work. As Malou, who goes to high school, puts it, the work gives her “an indispensable and almost meditative break from school and everything else”. Being a folding maid is an independent job where perfection is crucial for the result. Every month, a few industrious hands fold boxes of the small pieces of paper that contribute decisively to new Sonobe Lights.

Local production

At Sonobe Light, the good craftsmanship produced around Denmark is crucial – ideally, we would like to have it all as close as possible.
The best Danish oak trees are selected and joined for WallArts and Sonobe Sense frames in a small workshop at Rene’s in Svendborg. Of course, the trees have the FSC label, so we are sure that new ones are planted for every single tree that is felled.

We produce stainless steel lamp pendants ourselves – manually on an old V7 Royal metal lathe purchased from the Danish Air Force. This results in noble, classic craftsmanship and this is our guarantee of the best quality.

Paper with no chemistry

The paper material for all Sonobe Lights is a strong and highly translucent 3-layered paper. Made from finely ground cellulose fibers on both sides of an ultra-thin pp film.

The Sonobe Light paper is FSC-certified, which means that for every tree that is felled for paper production, a corresponding new tree is planted.

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