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No more dark corners

Its narrow, elongated shape makes the lamp extremely suitable in a corner above a sideboard or for example, in a small hallway. Regardless of whether you use Cala alone, as a couple or in a group, perhaps combined with Cala large, you get a really striking look that brings the room together and at the same time provides a soft and indirect light.
The Cala lamp is hand-folded from 36 sheets of strong specially produced 3-layer paper. The paper has a fine and light structure that is noticeable when the lamp is on (see closeup photo below). As with the other lamps from Sonobe Light, the many folds and layers in the construction give a characteristic and unique light pattern. The lamp, as with the other lamps from Sonobe Light, has a completely characteristic and unique light pattern. In the lightest parts of the lamp, you see through a single layer of paper – in other places through as many as 11 layers.
Cala is delivered assembled, ready for use with 3m fabric cord, plug and light bulb. The lamp is mounted with a piece of lambskin at the top and is closed at the bottom, where the lamp can be opened to change the bulb. The strong paper means that the lamp can be easily opened and closed without breaking the paper. If you want to replace the light source, use LED E14, max 6W. See how to easily open the lamp here: youtube/sonobelight


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