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Siphonia draws the family towards the table

It is the larger variant of the original and popular Siphonia lampe.
Elegant, clear and at the same time soft, indirect light for a personal home.

The Siphonia pendant is hand-folded from more than 80 sheets of paper and, with its low oval shape, is extremely suitable as a lamp above the dining table.

The lamp unfolds to its most beautiful appearance above a round or oval dining table, where the light geometry magically emerges. Since the lamp is closed at the bottom, none of the guests around the table are blinded by having a look at the light bulb. This is also quite effective if the lamp is instead hung high in a room very close to the ceiling, so that the pattern in the beautiful folds can be seen directly from below. If the lamp is used in this way as a ceiling lamp, a dust cover is recommended as an additional purchase to reduce dust fall into the lamp.

Siphonia is folded from a strong, specially produced 3-layer paper with a fine and light structure that is noticeable when the lamp is switched on (see closeup photo below). The lamp, like the other lamps from Sonobe Light, has a completely characteristic and unique light pattern due to the many folds and layers of paper. In the lightest parts of the lamp, you can see through a single layer of paper – in other places through as many as 11 layers.

The Siphonia lamp is delivered ready to use with design suspension in stainless steel, 3m fabric cord, plug and light bulb (LED E27, 3000K, max 15 W).

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